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About us: Muller Commercial Solutions Africa T/A MCS Africa


MCS Africa is based in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Muller Commercial Solutions Africa is registered at CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, South Africa), with the Enterprise Short Name MCS Africa since 2006.

Our main Business activity is distribution of Input Device, Desk and Traders Solutions in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The WEY tec and DeskFlex products, from Switzerland, enable us to provide top quality Solutions for Trading Floors, Control Centers, Health Care and Infotainment. Supplying Multifunctional Keyboards, KVMA Switches, Allocation Systems, Remote Solutions and Desk Module.

With InduKey, iKey, Key Technology and various other Suppliers from the USA, Europe, China and Taiwan we most certainly have the largest range of Industrial Input Devices on the African Continent. Our range of products consists of Stainless Steel Keyboards, IP68 sealed Keyboards and Mice, Medical Keyboards, Ruggedized Keyboards, Keyboards with integrated Touchpad, Keyboards with integrated Trackball, Keyboards with integrated Joystick, Desktop Keyboards, Rack Mount Keyboards, Rack Mount Keyboards, LCD and Keyboard 19" Drawers, Touchscreens and Open Frame Monitors.

Goldtouch, Seal Shield, DURABOOK and other IT Companies which we work with, provide us with the possibility to supply further PC Peripherals, Accessories and Components such as; Laptops/Notebooks, PCs, Tablet PCs, Standard Keyboards, Multimedia Keyboards, Wireless Keyboards and Mice, LCD Monitors, Hard Drives, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Carry Bags and a lot more.

We are constantly researching the market for Suppliers of quality products to extend our range of products to cater for our clients requirements.

To further extend the reach of our products we are working on establishing a network of Resellers and System Integrators throughout our selling market.  

CSX Customer Services

As of October 2013 all MCS Africa Products are sold by CSX Customers Services




MCS Africa is committed to provide Africa with quality products ranging from industrial, medical and office input devices to control centre and trading floor solutions. Through or commitment, we are willing to extend our range of products to cater for our clients requirements.



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