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DESKFLEX develop, produce and install modular systems for screen working space. DESKFLEX systems are ingeniously simple, quickly installed, functional in use and variably extendable. Integrating aesthetically perfectly into new and used working space, supporting ergonomic work, they are surprisingly economical. Therefore they are simply favored in service management business, by banks and insurances, in commerce centers, surveillance and control rooms, in directory offices, call-centers and industrial complexes.

DESKFLEX systems are based on many years’ research and its results. Even the simple and quick installation point to an ingenuity only developed and realized by professionals for professionals. In practice, the quality material and its detailed, precise installation guarantee easy handling as well as an almost infinite endurance. Reassuring to know, that in fast changing times and needs in screen work you can rely on a system rock bottom in the future.

Ergonomics is written tall today by every furbisher of screen working space. Justly so, when more and more people become ill through unhealthy posture at work. Less fair, the fact that evidently only very few systems really take ergonomics seriously into consideration. DESKFLEX offers a flexibility which allows the user to create her/his working space as individually, as practically and as ergonomically as possible. Maximum freedom of installation and maximum freedom of movement are offered. People who feel well within their working space stay healthy and more efficient.
Diverse conditions, diverse needs. Therefore we offer you the flexible, individually tailored DESKFLEX system for high technology working space. Compact, integrative and efficient. From a single working desk to the layout for complete office complexes – whatever your needs. An innovative system, which seamlessly fits into new or used working space. With all modular functions. Quality, function and design «Made in Switzerland». According to your wishes, we also supply com-patible office furniture.

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