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Welcome to MCS AFRICA

We offer high quality products of various global leaders.

Our product range includes Industrial Input Devices, Office Input Devices, Customized Input Devices,

Trade Room Solutions, Remote Solutions, Desk Solutions, Display Solutions,

PCs, Laptops, Monitors, Monitor Arms and other IT Hardware.  


Industrial Keyboards Customized Keyboards InduProof InduMedical
The demands on Industrial keyboards are very specific: Robustness, long lifetime, high quality, comfortable actuation, different mounting options and a protection level up to IP68. » more For special demands of data input we offer a wide range of industrial keyboards and input devices.  » more For industries where ease of cleaning or disinfecting is a must, ie. medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturing industries, as the rounded key tops of the InduProof2 make it easy to wipe clean » more This Keyboard is suited to application in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and food industry. The coating contains a special a antimicrobial agent called Microban® » more


  Keyboards Pointing Devices Flat Panel Displays OEM  

iKey Industrial Peripherals, formerly Texas Industrial Peripherals, began in 1989 with the goal of filling a market need for rugged computer peripherals. Today, iKey manufactures the most complete line of NEMA-rated industrial keyboards, computer pointing devices and flat panel monitors in the industry. » more


 Multifunctional Keyboard Trading Floor Solutions Control Room Solutions WEY Distribution Platform

With the WEY modular keyboards you are able to control directly up to 6 workstations from one single point. The keyboards can be linked together to share one or more workstations between two users. » more

Expand the flexibility and efficiency of your trading floor with trading technology WEY ahead of its time. » more

Maximise control with multifunctional WEY Keyboards, Free Seating and state-of-the-art video walls - all optimized for 24/7 operations. » more

The next generation of WEY Solutions. It is completely integrated, expandable, intuitively operable and facilitates remote PCs and "Free Seating"  » more



DESKFLEX develop, produce and install modular systems for screen working space.

Therefore they are simply favored in service management business, by banks and insurances, in commerce centers, surveillance and control rooms, in directory and » more



Key Technology manufactures a wide range of standard and customized Industrial Keyboard/keypads/Pointing solutions/ATM EPPs. The range of products also feature various integrated pointing devices such as touch pads, trackballs, mouse buttons and joysticks etc.» more



Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboards, Ergonomic Mice, Numeric Keypads and Laptop & Tablet Stands » more


Seal Shield offers Medical Keyboards, Medical Mice, Medical Screen Protectors, UV Disinfection & Management, Waterproof Remotes & Accessories » more


DURABOOK U12C - 12.1" Rugged Convertible Notebook, MIL-STD 810G » more


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LCD Monitor Arms, Drawer Keyboard with LCD, Card Readers, Customized Protective Covers » more

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